Graphic designers have never been in more demand than today. Whether you are a junior designer or a more advanced designer, there are tips to ensure that you land the position you seek. Pursuing formal training in graphic design just gives one an edge over those who are self-taught. Traditional training programs delve into the various software programs available. The industry leader, Adobe and the Creative Cloud, and its graphic design programs such as InDesign®, Illustrator®, and Photoshop® provides online training opportunities which would fall outside of the conventional academic training.


These cloud-based programs often require a monthly subscription but offer many templates, graphics, and stock art that can be employed for graphic design projects of all types. To further enhance your skills set, seek out volunteer, intern, or ad-hoc paid opportunities where you can gain real-world experience and reflect the same on your resumé. As you are building your portfolio, and once within the Adobe community, you will quickly learn how to network with others and identify other opportunities to collaborate on projects. The Adobe community is inspiring as it offers an opportunity to view the various projects that have been spearheaded by graphic designers in the field and the client types that employ them.


As you are growing your skills, you can be growing your brand. Consider reaching out to graphic artists whose work you admire and let them know about your own! Ensure that you are promoting your work by creating an online presence, whether through a website or social media channels. To further test your skills and engage in some healthy competition, enter award schemes. Creating a project to showcase your work and inviting others to contribute gives you additional skills in project management, communication, design collaboration, and execution. The group may collectively realize additional pitch opportunities if promoted throughout their respective social media and online presence channels.


Finally, joining design organizations keeps your professional skills sharp and you abreast of industry trends. Free or member-based reduced cost programs, inclusive of software, are made available through these professional associations. Once seated at the table, the possibilities are endless! Following these tips will assure your success as a graphics designer!