So you just finished up a project for your first client—now it’s time to get paid! But how does one go about doing that, exactly?? You could send your client a Venmo or PayPal request, but that’s minor league. You want to impress your client, present a professional experience for them, and open up the door for repeat business. To do that, you’ll need a professional invoice that represents your brand as a designer. Here are a few tips on how to do it.


Necessary Information


First, let’s discuss the information you’ll need to provide on the invoice. You’ll need to list your name or business name along with your address. You also need to list the client’s name.


You’ll also need to generate an invoice number so that you have something to refer back to if necessary, as well as an order number for the client to reference.


Perhaps most importantly, you should describe all of the work you’ve done for the project in detail. If applicable, itemize each stage of the project and assign your standard rate to each stage. That way, your client understands precisely what they’re paying for. This allows your clients a chance to understand (in detail) the value that you’ve provided for them.


After you’ve listed the work you’ve done in detail, record the total charged amount with tax and other applicable fees. Make sure this part is easy to find. You’ll also need to provide payment terms such as whether or not your client can pay in installments or any applicable late fees and interest.


Branding your Invoice


Invoices are a particularly difficult thing to design as so much information needs to go on them. The good news is that there is no one precise formula for how you need to present that information. If your brand is fun and cheeky, feel free to be playful and fun with the copy on your invoice. Most customers will be delighted with a bit of humor on a normally legal and stoic document. No rule dictates your invoice has to look like an accountant’s invoice. You’re a designer, so you’re free to make your invoice look like a designer made it.