Daniel Gysel


CEO & Creative Director at DANG Designs

Dan Gysel is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of DANG Designs. Based in Tampa, Florida, art and creative design have been integral parts of his life for as long as he can remember. A problem-solver by nature, Dan understood the necessity of finding a way to turn his passion for the creative into a livelihood. As such, he attended Ringling College of Art & Design, from which he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, Design (Print & Web), and Photography in 2000.

By the end of Dan Gysel’s academic career, technology was finally being recognized as a burgeoning industry, with key players like Apple and Microsoft spearheading innovation and ultimately changing the landscape of the world as it was once known. 

Understanding how important a diverse skill set and versatile approach would soon become, Dan leveraged his previous experience — which ranged from creating brochures and logos for regional business entities and producing souvenir magazines for the PGA, LPGA, and Senior PGA Tours —  to earn a place as a Graphic Designer for Alta Printing. During his time in this high-volume print shop, Dan Gysel gained valuable insight into project management, which he directly applied to his next role as the Art Director for Resource Marketing in San Diego. 

In 2006, Dan chose to make a bold move and step off of the traditional career path by launching his own business. At that time, high-quality web design was becoming all the more important to individuals and businesses alike, and Dan chose to help fulfill that need by establishing DANG Designs, Inc., which is now a leading web development, advertising, and branding agency.

In this capacity, Dan spends the majority of his time consulting with clients who wish to take a more active role in developing their online presence, whether for the purpose of expanding their business’ reach or for personal reasons. Regardless of their goal, Dan Gysel feels the most fulfilled when he is able to guide his clients toward achieving success and shining within their respective industries.

Now, as technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and place a greater emphasis on the mobile user experience, Dan has refined his focus to help his clients provide more app-like experiences across their websites, making them more appealing and flexible to the users’ desires. As it is unlikely that this trend will slow or be rendered obsolete any time soon, Dan Gysel is excited by the challenge, viewing it as an opportunity to not only expand his personal skill set but the number of services DANG Designs provides as well. 

To glean further insight into the realm of web design and the user experience, be sure to visit Dan Gysel’s blog page